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About Us

LVFD was created originally by two young men who brought Alexandra on to work as part of their team helping the ladies with posing, styling and keeping them company. She had lots of fun working with the dresses and the beautiful women they worked with. When the guys decided to sell, Alexandra took over LVFD. She believed that through the photographs LVFD could help everyone, no matter what Age, Size, Shape, Color, see that they are truly beautiful! 

The Team


Owner/Manager & Photographer

 I have been a part of the modeling industry for 8+ years as a professional model, and brand ambassador. In 2021 I decided I wanted to take control of the camera and help others see their beauty as I had the opportunity no matter the shape, age, color, or gender. I enjoy using our long flowing dresses as the main form but also other types of photography as well.

Karla 1_edited.jpg


Dress Wrangler & Assistant

 I've been a brand ambassador & professional model for 5+ years. I am also a flow hula hooper, go-go dancer, and body paint canvas. I live life to the fullest and enjoy helping others do so with our flying dresses.



Hair & Make-Up

 I have been a licensed cosmetologist in Nevada for 6 years. I specialize in makeup and hair styling. I really enjoy making my clients feel beautiful and enjoy their experience during the makeup and hair services I provide. I have also been a professional model and brand ambassador for 3 years.



Assistant Manager

  I have been a professional model for 15+ years. Fashion Designer, Graphic Designer, Event Planner & much more in the world of art. I am proof that even plus size women can be a model and love helping women of all types see their beauty with our work.



Dress Wrangler & Assistant

I enjoy working with my sister Alex in creating beautiful, fun imagery all while helping women of all sorts see the beauty in themselves that they may not see in themselves on a regular basis. Showing the beauty they have within and making great memories!



Security Puppers

 I'm an old puppers keeping my one good eye on everything. I may sound loud and mean but really I just want to sniff you and get head scritches. 

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